The reason behind starting this blog is the unfortunate minimal media coverage of what is happening right now in Syria. The government’s security forces are killing peaceful demonstrators every day, and they control the ‘official’ press that reports on it. They also do not allow other news agencies or news channels to go and report on what is really happening.

However, a new paradigm of social media that includes YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and mobile phones is proving to be an effective weapon in uncovering their lies and shining the light on their atrocities. These peaceful demonstrators are using their mobile phones and cameras to record the truth of what is happening to them. I created this blog to offer a spotlight on this, especially for those who do not speak Arabic. These voices must be heard. We can no longer live in a world that turns a blind eye to the unjust suffering and killing of innocent people.


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  1. James Molay says:

    Looks like the Syrian regime is paying guide book writers to produce propaganda in its favor. Check this one out. http://www.bradtguides.com/guidebook-update-syria

  2. stanito says:

    Appreciate this blog, hope it is heard and keep up your work!

  3. Dena says:


    I made a music video for Syria and I thought you might be interested in sharing it with your readers. My goal is to raise awareness through music about what’s happening in Syria. So far it has had international radio play, but I really wish we could get it through to the West. Any advice is appreciated, or sharing it on your page would also be helpful:

    Thanks again, and best of luck to all of us working in different areas to help our beloved Syria,

    – Dena

  4. Anonymous says:

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