Syrian soldiers clash with ‘armed’ opposition


I would like to say that the ‘armed’ opposition here is the ‘defected’ soldiers of the army. After months and months of brutal regime violence, some in the army couldn’t take it anymore. If they don’t follow the orders and kill the protesters, they get killed, so they finally chose to fight back to protect themselves and also to protect the peaceful protesters. However, unless the regime stops its violence, I think sooner than later we will surely see people who are not even in the army take an ‘armed’ stance against the regime. Can you blame them? When you see your sons, brothers, relatives and friends getting killed and tortured while the world merely verbally ‘condems’ the regime without any real action to protect the innocents, you will finally snap and take action into your own hand to protect yourself and those you love. The change from peaceful to armed revolution will be a disaster for sure, but it’s the regime who’s pushing into that direction.

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