Syria protests continue

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One Response to Syria protests continue

  1. bax says:

    In my opinion
    Every single human is sympathising with the massive manslaughter that is occuring in Syria,
    on the other hand it seems that no one can do anything to help out in a more eficiente way besides commenting and feeling sorry for those who have died ,imprisoned,injured and more to come.
    To cut things short ,the president’s allies have been “brainwashed”during the long time regime dictatorship and he relies a hundred percent upon them.My sugestion is the following :
    1) obtain as much fone numbers as possible of officers in command, secret agents and any other members who trully and loyaly believe in their commanders and are blind enough to aid this massacre,try to persuade and convince them that what they are commiting is not only a sin but that they are only defending and fighting for someone who only wishes to stay on the throne and that they barely even know him (only on tv)..I know that this is a difficult task but i also know that somehow this might bring some relief to those who are in agony watching all the daily horrors commited without being able to do anything about it.
    b)Those fone calls could be made by any person who speaks Arabic and willing to convince the dictator’s followers,there is no need to identify him or herself as long as there is still a sense of fear buried inside each Syrian citizen even though they live abroad.
    c) Let us at least try to stir up some sort of conflict and raise doubts among them by dividing their opinions and showing them how wrong they are and eventualy weakening their strenth.
    I am sure that our efforts will not be in vain,lets give it a try.
    I need some one to give some fone numbers

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