A Father’s Story

[eye witness account of  this story by the father of the victim. He talks in Arabic so I will summarize his account of the event] The father of Moutaz, a freshman at the University of Damascus studying Law, tells the story of how the security forces shot his son with two bullets on Friday April 22, even though his son was a peaceful protester carrying no weapons of any kind. He also shows the marks of beating on his body, as the officers started beating him when he tried to carry his injured son to take him to a hospital. This led to Moutaz dying. The officers also arrested his two younger teenage sons.

This happened on April 22, just one day after the government finally lifted the state of emergency. But what good has that done if the security forces abide to no law, emergency or not, and are not accountable for anything they do? How can the people take this as real reform if what the president says has no real effect on what is really happening?

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